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Introduction to Hydro April 26, 2008

Posted by blueapple in Hydro, Projects.

Hydro (as it is called atm) is a water simulation game.

It’s inspired by all the Falling Sand games, but not based upon. These “games” are fun, but there’s no goal in them. All you do is waste hours watching reactions and big explosions. So I thought, how could I make this into a game?

One idea was to make a “tetris meets water” (2D Wetrix) game. Wetrix has always been one of my favorite puzzle games with which I’ve spent many hours trying to set a new highscore. And seeing that there are no clones nor remakes made this a quite viable option.

But then, somewhat inspired by Water Shifter I started coding what would become Hydro.

The goal is to get x amount of water from A to B. This is done by “painting” dirt which the water will flow upon. And that’s about it.

Hydro Screen
Fancy, eh?

Same goes as for most games, it looks better in motion. I will post a video in a later post.

Seen on the screenshot is level 5. The orange-green rectangle at the bottom is “point B” or the goal. The blue substance is supposed to be water and the gray and brown are walls respectively dirt.

Here are a few more shots:

Intro Screen

Hydro Level 4

Hydro Level Select
Funny names, no?

No download at this time, but the one who waits for something good does never wait too long.



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