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Hide! It’s a Tree! May 6, 2008

Posted by blueapple in Hydro.

Hey all.

I have been thinking of new things to implement into Hydro. A few of the ideas are: new particle kinds, eye candy, a cool interface or multiplayer support. I went for the eye-candy this time.

What I wanted to do was to get rid of the ugly goal (the yellow rectangle), and put something that actually “needs” water.


One of the thing I wanted my trees to do was to scale and “evolve” once they got water. Sprites would mean a lot of work and wouldn’t quite blend to the “artistic style” of this projects (i.e. pixels), but a “pixel-tree” would and that’s what I chose. I started to read about fractals and especially the type called L-Systems, which basically are objects generated by pre-defined rules. For example:

turn 40 degrees
move x pixels
decrease x

As a branch of a tree in most aspects looks lite the tree itself, just scaled down, it can be modeled by a recursive function, such as the one above.

Now, I haven’t implemented it into Hydro just yet, but here are some screenshots and a clip of what I’ve come up with this far.

And a short clip of it in action:


I believe this will look quite good when it’s “in the game”, we’ll see about that in a few days.



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