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NumGame August 2, 2008

Posted by blueapple in Other.

A friend tried to explain the concept of a game he had played somewhere, but couldn’t recall where. And as it’s not that easy to come up with something to google for (“rotating squares game?”), he asked me if I could create something silmilar for him. Sure.

He explained that there were supposed to be nine squares in a 3×3 formation with the numbers one to nine. And you could apparently rotate four 2×2 squares (Those at the corners). The goal was to return a scrambled board to its orginal state where the numbers appeared in order.

So this is what I threw together last night.

I named it NumGame in lack of a better name.

It is still a prototype though, but the basic features are there. Scrambling, rotating and solving. The squares are even animated when moving.

Looks cooler in action though.

I’m thinking of putting some cool plasma effect as backround to make it more interesting (and even more confusing).

Harder than it looks. Heh.

The binary is pretty much ready to be released, I just have to pack it down and upload it. I’ll post a link in the next post.



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