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BlueBPM July 31, 2008

Posted by blueapple in Other, Projects.

Yet again I’m sorry for the recent lack of updates, but it’s summertime, so I guess it’s okey for this time. I haven’t really had any time to work on either Hydro nor Boteria lately. But that will change when the rain and snow starts falling from the skies.

Even so, I have something to give you at least. It is something I hacked together over a day when being annoyed of not knowing the BPM (beats per minute) of a song when programming my drum machine. And voila, BlueBPM was born.

Not much of a screenshot, heh.

This thing is often found in metronomes and drum machines (not mine though), where you tap a button to the music and it gives you the BPM. Quick and without any hassle. Not that I did a very big search for any existing ones for the computer, but the ones I found required me to install big and ugly applications which is not what I want for a small task like this.

Here’s the download link: BlueBPM-1.0.zip

Small hint: Click the BPM panel and you’ll get to see the about box.



1. BlueBPM · - July 31, 2008

[…] Machines News » News News BlueBPM2008-07-31 11:09:20Any existing ones for the music and drum machines (not mine though), where you […]

2. jaca - December 11, 2008

What’s with Hydro? :/

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